Meet Shannon K. Mazurick

Shannon K. Mazurick has loved artwork and writing since a young age. She graduated Avon High School in 2004 and The University of Saint Joseph (formerly Saint Joseph College) in 2008. Mazurick received her Bachelors Degree in English with a minor in Psychology. In 2013, she received her Masters Degree in Interactive Media through Quinnipiac University. She is the proud author of Poetry As The Year Goes By, Reflective Poetry: Petals of the Heart, Gemma: The Search for the Gem, Gemma: The Treasure Hunt With Griffin, Gemma: The First Day Of School With Honoray, Toto’s Tale: An Adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Shannon K. Mazurick’s Inspirational Artwork Book 1, The Four-Leaf Clover, Shannon K. Mazurick’s Inspirational Artwork Book 2, The Wonders Of Summer, Lizard Lessons, and My Robot Grandpa. Mazurick writes in hopes of illustrating how everyone is an individual and everyone has a purpose in life. She also finds writing as a way to express herself and as a means of reflection. Mazurick enjoys the creative aspect that writing offers. She also likes the creativeness and ability to express oneself that artwork offers. Artwork and writing are both means of communication. She was born with birth trauma, which affected her speech, hand use, and mobility so creativity is a big part of her life. Mazurick mainly uses one hand to create art pieces and to type. Her two poetry books feature two art pieces by Mazurick on the covers. For the three Gemma children’s books, she worked with the illustrator to make sure every detail, even the colors, matched her visions. The Wonders Of Summer is the first book Mazurick ‘digitally’ illustrated. All three of Mazurick’s Gemma books, Toto’s Tale: An Adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and The Four-Leaf Clover have been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services and are Mom’s Choice Award recipients! The Four-Leaf Clover is the first book Mazurick illustrated herself. In addition to being a Mom’s Choice Award recipient, it’s also a Story Monster’s Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner and a Story Monster’s Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner! Mazurick plans to publish more books in the future. Besides writing and artwork, Mazurick enjoys spending time with family and friends, has a love for animals, and likes staying active. Mazurick’s artwork, books, messages, and story are sure to inspire as she has a positive outlook on life while trying her best. Visit for more!

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